Hemingway: The Modern Pivot

It can be argued that Ernest Hemingway was the pivot point between and older style of writing and the rise of modernity. Within this article we will take a look at Hemingway’s break with the past, his influences and how he may have changed the future of American Literature.

Vietnam Syndrome: Does It Still Exist?

Vietnam syndrome has been attributed to the United States of America due to the after-effects of the Vietnam War. It’s often defined as the population’s unwillingness after Vietnam to become entangled in another foreign war. Within the article I will highlight how the considerations of the Vietnam war had affected public perception of overseas conflicts and that the American public often choose to refrain from retaliating against or engaging with other countries on war footing. After George H. W. Bush and the United Nations decided to intervene in the Gulf War, President H.W. Bush had believed the Vietnam syndrome had been overcome. However, as I’ve laid out below, I’ve given my specific reasons and argument about why that is not true and why the Vietnam syndrome still exist today nearly fifty years later.