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The 1980 Republican Primary: A Battle Among Presidents

But in the case of the 1980 Republican Presidential Primary, there were a number of unique instances during the setup to the race. George Bush was taking his chance at running for US President and Ronald Reagan’s previously failed attempt in 1976 was rejuvenated for 1980 while Bob Dole was also beginning to make some moves in the progressive arm of the Republican Party. Most noteworthy, however, was Gerald Ford’s constant teasing about entering the primary if only to get back at Ronald Reagan for running against him in 1976. The 1980 Republican Primary is interesting because it would set the United States’ politics for nearly the next twelve years.

South Vietnam’s War During Peace: 1975-1980

The word “Vietnam” immediately conjures images of guerrilla warfare, the 1960s peace movements and the flight from Saigon from the top of the American embassy. For South Vietnamese, their memories would be quite different. Theirs would be more local and specific since they not only lived through it, as Americans had, but the South Vietnamese also had to live in it.

Calvin Coolidge’s Depression

Mental health concerning United States presidents usually isn’t mentioned when discussing their traits. In more recent years, the depression of Abraham Lincoln has come to light, the paranoia of Richard Nixon (although after the stolen election of 1960 the paranoia could be justified to an extent) and there have been occasional ramblings of Nancy Reagan’s…