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Calvin Coolidge’s Depression

Mental health concerning United States presidents usually isn’t mentioned when discussing their traits. In more recent years, the depression of Abraham Lincoln has come to light, the paranoia of Richard Nixon (although after the stolen election of 1960 the paranoia could be justified to an extent) and there have been occasional ramblings of Nancy Reagan’s…

The Link Between Authoritarianism, Economics and Culture in Ecuador

It is human nature to fall back upon authoritarian leadership. Liberty, freedom and the support of natural human rights is a rarity in human history. Within this paper we’ll look closer specifically at the tumultuous history of Ecuador in the modern era from the early 1900s to the modern day considering their authoritarianism streak and the view that stability and is more often neglected than supported.

Hemingway: The Modern Pivot

It can be argued that Ernest Hemingway was the pivot point between and older style of writing and the rise of modernity. Within this article we will take a look at Hemingway’s break with the past, his influences and how he may have changed the future of American Literature.