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The Fusō Ironclad; The Imperial Japanese Navy in the mid to late 1800s

One hundred and fifty years ago the Imperial Japanese Navy was just beginning to find its footing. It was the period of the rise of Japan as a serious power. While the country was working to become much more centralized than it had been, it still had a long way to go in terms of […]

Fort Ross: The Russian Expansion Into California

In the early 1800s Russia was seeking further expansion. This expansion wasn’t particularly for great wealth, promoting religion or discovering new territories but rather was an expedition primarily focused on finding a new, reliable food source and to acquire furs for the Russian claims along the American Pacific coast. While the entirety of Alaska isn’t […]

The Bay of Pigs: How Kennedy Failed Cuba and the Spirit of America

John F. Kennedy is all too often given a pass in history in spite of his cascade of failures. It could be expected that if he were able to go on to a second term that if he had led the charge to the moon, the United States would have never arrived. Arguably his biggest […]