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Book Reviews: Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin / The Democrats’ Dilemma

Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin: The Glider Pilots of World War II by Scott McGaugh Brotherhood of the Flying Coffin by Scott McGaugh caught my attention almost immediately as it’s an area of history that is rarely, if ever, covered by historians. While I was initially put off by the publishing company, Osprey, I decided…

Ranking the Leaders of the Soviet Union

Ranking leaders is almost never a simple task. This is made more difficult when the list of leaders are usually bad, brutal or plain evil. It also depends on how one looks at a leader or how they’d define their list. Below Just About History has constructed a list of 8 Soviet Union leaders ranked…

Los Alamos: Beyond the Bomb

Chernobyl was claimed by the Soviets and made famous by the atom; it could easily be argued that Los Alamos was the American version of the same city. Whereas Chernobyl carried an actual nuclear power plant, Los Alamos became the birth of atomic weaponry among other studies. While most of the world knows of Los…