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USS Pueblo: The Standoff in the Sea of Japan

1968 was a long year for the United States. Nation altering events cascaded. Where some moments or events would become the mark of a decade, many of these moments stacked on top of one another. Right before the Tet Offensive the United States had managed to find itself in another prickly situation off the coast of North Korea.

William Howard Taft’s Life and Influence on the Philippines

The Pearl of the Orient was used by a Spanish Jesuit missionary to describe the Philippines in 1751. It is unfortunate for the Philippines that the Spanish hadn’t treated the colony properly, instead, permitting it to fall into corruption and abuse which littered their colonies throughout the world. The Philippines alone could’ve been used to […]

The Fusō Ironclad; The Imperial Japanese Navy in the mid to late 1800s

One hundred and fifty years ago the Imperial Japanese Navy was just beginning to find its footing. It was the period of the rise of Japan as a serious power. While the country was working to become much more centralized than it had been, it still had a long way to go in terms of […]