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A Survey of the 20th Century

The 20th century began with Europe stretched like a rubber band. Asia had been hot with Japan pecking on China’s door, colonial expansion, the Scramble for Africa coming to its conclusion and the beginnings of overseas American Imperialism in the Philippines and their near conflict with Germany of Samoa just over a decade before.

The 21st Century: A Short Survey

The 21st century ought to be the easiest century to write about over the previous twenty, however, since its only been twenty three years and most of us have lived through those years, it has been difficult to decide which events to include. The world twenty years ago went from a world where Russia was…

The Laotian State and Government: After the Revolution

Laos is a complicated and largely forgotten nation when considering its place on the world stage. It’s often subjected as background material for the Vietnam War, if it’s thought of at all. Its borders appear unnaturally deformed and its society remains woefully underdeveloped even compared to its regional neighbors. Many of these reasons are due…